BetterLife Medical is a Sino-US joint venture high-end medical equipment and service group company in the field of tinnitus, deafness, and neurological dysfunction. It provides a neuro-regulated digital medical and cloud service platform "product + service + network" based on the principles of neuro-electrophysiology.

BetterLife Medical focuses on the market of neurological disorders with the highest incidence of the aging society, the heaviest burden of medical insurance, and the global market volume of more than 100 billion US dollars, including tinnitus, deafness, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, vertigo, Meniere, migraine, Nervous fatigue, epilepsy, Parkinson's, autism, ADHD, Alzheimer's syndrome (dementia), etc. The business covers detection, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of chronic disease management throughout the entire cycle. With more than 50 domestic and foreign invention patents, non-invasive physical stimulation intervention product technology based on brain nerve electrophysiology, emphasizing the physiological and psychological interaction of neurological dysfunction and solving the subjective to objective detection and evaluation。

China-US medical device dual registration, and through more than 100,000 clinical applications in dozens of hospitals, explored a multi-channel differentiated B2B2C business model, formed a unique competitive advantage of three-dimensional integration of product technology, diagnosis, and treatment plans (digital prescription) and business model, creative Expand business in the three major areas of medical institutions, primary screening, and physical examination, and digital cloud medical care, realize online and offline interconnection cloud service platforms and establish neurological dysfunction mainly supported by its own product technology, diagnosis and treatment plans, and technical services Specialized clinic chain system.